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David Stockdale sitting on some steps outside wearing a blazer

The man

You know the goalkeeper - now find out about the personality

A close up of David Stockdale laughing

Driven. Big-hearted. Straight-talking. Fun.

David Stockdale is a brilliant goalkeeper but there is far more to him than just commanding presence and awesome shot-stopping. Born and bred in Yorkshire, he has natural northern charm and genuine warmth.

His emergence through the youth systems at Huddersfield and York City have kept him grounded throughout his career and always grateful for the more extravagant opportunities that have come his way.

David Stockdale checking his watch while sat on a leather sofa in front of a large window

He has several business interests outside of football but his intrinsically kind nature means he has always made time for charity and community projects.

Away from work, David is a family man at heart.
Married to childhood sweetheart Katie, they have three children together – Molly, Daisy and Billy.

David Stockdale smiling and looking to his side

David is a big sports lover, with a keen interest in F1, cricket and golf.

To relax, he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his family; a low-key fishing trip; or spending time driving his classic 1986 Ferrari Mondial.

As his football career continues to thrive, David is ready to throw himself into other business ventures.

Watch this space.

David Stockdale clapping his hands after a game

The athlete

21 years in football…and still going strong

David Stockdale on the pitch, holding his hand up in the air asking for the ball

A goalkeeper with vast experience, spanning all of England’s professional leagues. 21 years. 18 clubs. International call-ups. And he’s not finished yet.

Currently contracted to League 2 side York City, David has an insatiable love for football that will ensure he’s playing for many years to come.


Career Clean sheets

David Stockdale saving a football

He has Premier League experience with Fulham, enjoyed promotion to the top flight with both Brighton and Hull, and played his part helping Wycombe defy the odds to go up from League One to the Championship in 2019-20.

Another career high was being picked for a number of England squads by Fabio Capello, alongside the likes of Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.


Professional games


Year career


Clubs played for


Lucky number

This is a man who has tasted the very top of the game but was not too proud to go on loan to League Two Stevenage in the 2020/21 season to play regular first-team football.

He was subsequently recalled by Wycombe as the club fought to stay in the second tier.

David’s desire to play remains undiminished.

David Stockdale sat in a leather armchair wearing a blue suit holding a cigar

The businessman

Work doesn’t stop when he leaves the pitch

David Stockdale sitting on a leather sofa


David set up MDB13 Properties Ltd in 2017 and runs it with wife Katie. The company has a portfolio of 30-40 properties/units with a value of between £4-5million.

The firm’s name references his children (Molly, Daisy, Billy) and his favourite shirt number (13).
David has day-to-day involvement with the firm and when he does eventually hang up his gloves, he is keen to throw himself into the business.

The plan is to expand the firm’s portfolio and also venture into property development. He vows to be as competitive in whatever area he works in as he is in football.

David Stockdale reading a newspaper whilst sat on a brown leather sofa

Football director

David also owns 51% of his local football club, Droitwich Spa. His backing has helped the club secure planning permission for a 4G pitch, which will bring the club ‘home’ after years of playing outside of Droitwich due to poor facilities.

The new pitch will also serve the community and act as a hub for grassroots sports teams. This was something the town had been requesting for more than 20 years – and David’s direct dealing with council officials was vital in pushing through the plans.

David Stockdale wearing a blue suit and playing chess

David has been running MDB13 Properties and involved as a Droitwich owner all while carrying out a hugely successful football career.

He has long been prepared for ‘life after football’ and feels passionately that young players should draw up plans for the time when they no longer play.

He would welcome the opportunity to talk to young footballers about this and offer advice based on his own business experience.

David Stockdale checking his watch while sat on a leather sofa in front of a large window

The philanthropist

This gentle giant wants to make a difference

David Stockdale leaning on a wooden barrier by a lake

David has been involved with a number of charities and causes close to his heart.

During his time at Brighton, he received a PFA Community Champion Award for his work with the families affected by the Shoreham Airshow tragedy, which claimed the lives of 11 people.

As well as visiting and supporting relatives left devastated by the disaster, he also contributed shirts and goalkeeping gloves to be auctioned off to help fundraising efforts.

David Stockdale smiling and leaning on a bench with old cricket bats mounted on the wall behind

He has also worked closely with the Geoff Horsfield Foundation, a charity set up by the former footballer to help homeless and vulnerable people in the Birmingham area.

David has organised a fundraising event to raise money for Cookhill Cricket Club. He was overwhelmed by the support he received from the club when enduring a difficult spell a few years ago, and son Billy is still involved with the youth set-up.

The club celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021 and David organised an event to help in the effort to improve the clubhouse – partly as a thank you for what Cookhill did for him but also as a way to support another local sports team.

Given his naturally generous nature and previous philanthropic work, David would like to hear about opportunities to become a charity patron. If a cause close to his heart can use his profile to raise awareness and much-needed funds, that would bring him great satisfaction.

David Stockdale reading a newspaper whilst sat on a brown leather sofa

The pundit

Top shot-stopper can talk a good game too

David Stockdale holding a bottle of wine in a wine cellar

David has featured on a number of podcasts in his time as a player, including Sky Sports’ EFL Weekly and more recently featuring on a two part series for The Game football podcast by The Times.

He is keen to explore TV and radio punditry opportunities.

David’s wealth of experience means he is uniquely placed to offer tactical analysis and valuable insights, especially when it comes to EFL coverage.

David Stockdale sitting on some steps outside wearing a blazer

Given his 21-club career, it’s a struggle to find a week in the season when two of his old sides aren’t facing each other.

Want a man who has had a foot in both camps? Stockdale is your man.

David is also a big follower of women’s football and would welcome opportunities to offer his opinions and expertise in the ever-expanding coverage of the elite women’s game.

A wide photograph showing empty football stadium seats

The audience

Here’s how he can help YOU and your cause

David has more than 70,000 social media followers…and rising fast.

There is incredible scope to capitalise on his strong reach with an affluent and predominantly male base.

His distinguished yet everyman character makes him perfect for advertising campaigns for high-end, male-targeted products.


Followers on social channels

But his sensitive side also makes him the ideal candidate to spearhead projects to raise awareness of causes men might usually shy away from - mental health, charity causes and male-specific health issues.





Surrounded by strong, independent women in his life, David has an unswerving respect for women across the board and would welcome the chance to promote equal-opportunity and diversity campaigns.

As a staunch family man, David is also a great option for brands targeting consumers in that demographic.

Think David can help your cause or brand?

Give us a shout. Let’s talk.


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